Holiday Gifts For Dogs

Season’s Greetings! Over the next few weeks, many of you will be picking out the perfect presents for your loved ones. Your canine buddy also deserves something special. After all, Fido has been a very good boy! A Chesapeake, VA vet lists a few things your pup may enjoy in this article.


Toys are always going to get Fido’s tail wagging. There certainly are plenty of adorable options to choose from! Just look for toys that are the right size for your furry friend. Dogs also benefit from having different kinds of toys. Your pooch may love chasing a ball or Frisbee, but he may also like having a plushie toy to snuggle up with. Puzzle toys are also good, as they offer mental stimulation.


Treats are also pretty high on Fido’s list of favorite things. While your four-legged pal may be happy to sample anything you offer, it’s best to stick with healthy options. Take a look at the label, and go for products with meat, fish, and poultry listed first and most often. Avoid products that contain a lot of fillers, such as corn syrup and soy products. If you like cooking, you can also make your fuzzy buddy’s snacks. Look online for recipes. These also make great gifts for Fido’s buddies! Ask your vet for more information.


Did you know that dogs spend about half of their time sleeping? Fido needs a good bed to keep him comfy as he’s dreaming of chasing squirrels or exploring new places. Orthopedic beds are great options, especially for large breeds and senior dogs. Smaller pups may prefer beds with raised sides.

GPS Tracker

Our canine companions are very loyal, but that doesn’t mean they won’t seize the chance to run off in search of adventure (and squirrels) if opportunity arises. Consider getting your pooch a tag or collar that has GPS tracking. Just do some research first, as different brands have very different options for things like range, battery life, and subscription requirements.

Pupscription Box

In order to keep Fido happy and healthy, you’ll need to make sure he always has entertainment options. Consider signing up for a doggy subscription box. Every month, your furry pal will get a box of goodies in the mail!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Western Branch Veterinary Clinic, your Chesapeake, VA animal hospital. Call us anytime!

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