Wellness & Vaccinations

The ultimate goal of any caring pet parent is to help their furry family member enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible. At Western Branch Veterinary Hospital, that’s our goal as well – especially for your pet! That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on routine wellness and preventive care.

These regular visits, typically once or twice a year, allow our doctors to both manage your pet’s current health and monitor that health over time. We are able to take preventative measures to protect your companion against many risks and also identify the signs of potential medical concerns so they can be addressed right away – before they become a more serious and costly problem for you and your pet.

Our wellness care is designed to support your pet through every life stage – from vaccinations and nutrition for your new puppy or kitten to ongoing health maintenance as your pet navigates the adult years to specialized geriatric care to keep your senior pet fit and healthy for as long as possible. We’re prepared to be with you – every step of the way – delivering the precise care needed, each and every time you visit.

Wellness visits at Western Branch Veterinary Hospital have three main benefits. First, they allow us to take certain important measures to prevent disease and protect your pet from many of the dangers that he or she will encounter over the years. We do this by assessing your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors, and using that information to develop a customized plan for vaccinations as well as parasite prevention. We also focus on nutrition and weight management, since a fit pet is a healthier pet.

The second benefit of wellness care is the ability it presents to monitor your pet’s ongoing health over time. Each time you visit, our doctors will conduct a thorough physical exam, and based on this exam and a number of other factors such as age, or pre-existing conditions, we may recommend those diagnostic tests that would allow us to identify any changes or abnormalities as early as possible. Because companion animals age at a much faster rate than humans, health problems can progress rapidly. The sooner we are able to recognize and address these problems in your pet’s health, the greater the chances of a positive outcome.

The third advantage of routine wellness care, and one which we at Western Branch Veterinary Hospital feel is especially important, is the opportunity it provides for all of us to get to know you and your pet on a more personal level. We believe that the better we come to know you, and the more we understand your companion’s unique needs, the better we are able to continuously provide the highest level of care available. What’s more, your pet will come to know and trust us, making trips to the vet much more enjoyable for everyone.

You love your pet and want the very best for that little guy or gal. It starts with a commitment to preventive and wellness care. Western Branch Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive wellness services for companion animals in all stages of life. Let’s work together to help your loved one enjoy a long, healthy life by your side.

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