When humans are sick or become injured, they simply visit the doctor, explain their symptoms, point to where it hurts and receive the appropriate care. When your pet is sick or has been injured in some way, however, determining exactly what the problem is can be a challenge. Especially when the signs and symptoms cannot be easily detected on the surface of the skin.

Pets are masters of disguise, and oftentimes they can hide outward signs and symptoms of an illness even as it continues to progress and worsen within their bodies. What’s more, they cannot speak to tell us when something is bothering them. That can make managing their health quite challenging. In times like this, we turn to veterinary diagnostics to help us get the answers we need.

Western Branch Veterinary Hospital offers a broad range of routine and advanced diagnostic services to better manage the ongoing health of our patients. Whether it’s a simple blood test, an x-ray image,or advanced diagnostics, such as, ultrasound, we’re fully prepared and well equipped to get to the bottom of whatever is ailing your pet so we can address the problem in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Our hospital is outfitted with cutting edge diagnostic equipment, including advanced imaging capabilities. This allows our experienced doctors to take a look inside your pet’s body to quickly and accurately identify and diagnose health problems so they can be handled in a timely manner. Furthermore, we work closely with some of the area’s most reliable diagnostic laboratories and specialists, which allows for the fast and accurate retrieval of a broad range of diagnostic test results.

If your pet is feeling a bit under the weather and you’re concerned, we can help! Our diagnostic services will help us get the answers we need to get your loved one back on the path to good health again as soon as possible.

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