July 4th With Fluffy

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. This can be a dangerous time for kitties! A local Chesapeake, VA veterinarian offers some Independence Day cat care tips in this article.


First things first. Make sure that Fluffy is fixed, microchipped and current on exams and parasite control. We also recommend putting a collar and ID tags on your feline buddy. Keeping your kitty indoors will also go a long way towards keeping her safe.


Chemical ingestion is always a danger with our feline friends. Fluffy only needs to walk through a spot of something and then lick her paws to ingest dangerous toxins. Gasoline, lighter fluid, torch oil, bug spray, fertilizer, and pesticides are just a few things she could come into contact with. Be super careful with anything that could be toxic.


We’re well into the hottest part of the year now. It’s not easy for cats to cool themselves off once they get too hot. Fluffy could be in big trouble if she were to overheat! Making sure that your kitty always has cool, clean water and access to cool areas.


It’s not hard to see where that old adage about curiosity killing the cat got started. Fluffy is very inquisitive by nature, if not downright nosy. Kitties like to investigate, well, everything. They also follow their humans around like adorable, meowing shadows. Be careful not to let your little buddy get locked into a shed or garage!


Many pets are terrified of fireworks, and are prone to bolting in fear. Most people realize that the noise scares dogs, but it’s important to remember that kitties can get frightened too! Fortunately, many of our feline pals are more likely to hide than run away. However, Fluffy could get lost pretty quickly if she runs even just a bit further than usual. Keep your furball safe and sound indoors! If you do let your cat out, bring her in before it gets dark.


Guests should of course never pose a direct threat to your beloved pet. However, there’s always a chance for mishaps. Fluffy could get her tail caught in the door, or slip out an open gate as people are coming or going. Keep a close eye on your furry friend!

Happy Fourth! Please feel free to contact us, your local Chesapeake, VA animal clinic, anytime!

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