Things to Consider Before Adopting a Bunny

Easter is coming up quickly. That means it’s time to talk about bunny adoptions. It’s not uncommon for people to bring rabbits home as holiday gifts for children. Unfortunately, many people don’t really understand bunnies’ care needs before adopting them. This can lead to frustration, and ultimately results in many adorable rabbits being rehomed. Here, a Chesapeake, VA vet lists some things to consider before adopting a bunny.

Rabbits Chew Everything

The first thing any new bunny owner needs to know is that these sweet, adorable little balls of fur are chewing machines that will gnaw on anything within paws’ reach. This includes books, purses, shoes, wires and cords, and upholstery. Baseboards and furniture legs are prime targets, but nothing is really off-limits. Petproofing is a must!

You’ll also need to provide Floppy with lots of suitable chew toys. The good news is that this doesn’t have to cost much. You can make many of these yourself out of household items, such as cardboard and paper. Ask your vet for more information.

Floppy Needs Free Time

Your bunny will need a roomy, comfortable cage. However, she can’t spend all of her time locked up. Your adorable pet will need plenty of free time to run and play. Plan to let your fuzzy pal out for at least 4-5 hours a day.  


Bunnies aren’t always the neatest roommates. If you can’t stand the thought of picking up after your pet, a rabbit may not be right for you. Floppy can be litterbox trained, which of course would solve that problem. However, potty training will take time and effort.

Bunnies Need Hay

Grass hay should form the bulk of Floppy’s diet. You’ll need to make regular runs to pet stores or feed shops, and you may find your pet’s hay strewn around a bit. Your furry friend will also need fresh produce regularly.


Dogs are great, but many of our canine pals have a strong prey drive. This makes them dangerous roommates for Floppy. Even gentle pups can easily injure a rabbit!


Last but not least, rabbits need lots of love and care. Adoption is a lifelong commitment. Don’t proceed unless you’re ready to provide Floppy with great TLC for the rest of her life.

Do you want to learn more about bunny care? Contact us, your Chesapeake, VA veterinary clinic, today!   

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