How to Spoil Your Cat

Cats are very cute and fun pets. They’re also very good at getting us to pamper them. We love seeing our feline friends getting a bit spoiled … as long as it’s done properly. Read on as a local  Chesapeake, VA vet offers some helpful advice on spoiling Fluffy.

Window Seat

We can’t overstate how much better Fluffy will be if she’s an indoor cat. Of course, kitties that stay inside don’t get as much stimulation or activity as those that are allowed to wander. Our solution? Give Fluffy a comfy window seat, so she can sit and watch birds and squirrels. Problem solved!


Kitties can be finicky, so it may take you a while to discover what Fluffy really likes. Just stick with safe options. In addition to store-bought treats, you can offer your furball things like plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, with no skin, bones, or fat. Deli meat is also a good bet.


You may have noticed that our feline pals are collectively very tired. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Make sure that she has lots of comfy beds to snuggle up in for all of those naps.

Play Sessions

One surefire way to get that smug, happy look to appear on Fluffy’s face? Take time to play with her daily. Even a few minutes of running and jumping will benefit your furball, and get that little motor going.


One thing we know about cats? They love being pampered! If your furry friend enjoys being brushed, make it a point to do this regularly. 


Talking to your feline buddy will help make her feel loved. This is also a good way to strengthen that special bond between you. When you talk to your kitty, she’ll know that you are paying attention to her. She may even talk back!


You don’t need to fill your home with kitty furniture, but Fluffy should have a few things all to herself. Cat towers and scratching posts are both purrfect options!


Last but not least, just pay attention to your furry pal. Pet her, play with her, and let her snuggle up to you. Purr activation (almost) guaranteed!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Chesapeake, VA veterinary clinic, we are always here to help!

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