Fun Things to Do With Your Dog This Summer

Summers in Georgia can be a really fun time, for both people and dogs. Fido definitely has some things on his to-do list for the coming months! Read on as a local Chesapeake, VA vet lists some things to do with your furry best friend this summer.

Strike A Pose

Summer sunlight often has a golden tint that makes for some absolutely gorgeous photos. Take some time to get some really cute photos of your canine buddy this year. Or, even better, enlist a friend or family member to snap some shots of you together.

Learn Something New

All dogs should know simple obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. If Fido hasn’t mastered these, work on his training. If he has, why not show him some cute tricks? Roll Over is always adorable!


Fido is very curious by nature, and loves going to new places and sniffing strange patches of grass. Take your pup to a dog-friendly park, or visit one of our state’s gorgeous trails with him. Just be sure to put safety first. Fido should be fixed, microchipped, wearing ID tags, and current on his vaccinations and parasite control products.

Have A Cool Treat

There’s no better way to cool off on a hot day than by enjoying a cool treat. Buy Fido some doggy ice cream, or make him some customized snacks. (Tip: put broken dog biscuits in an ice cube tray, and then cover them with sodium-free broth. Instant tail wags!)

Splash Around

Many of our canine companions love swimming! Of course, swimming isn’t right for every dog, so check with your vet before taking Fido to a pool or beach. If your pup isn’t really suited for swimming, get him a kiddie pool to play in, or let him splash around in the water from a sprinkler.


Georgia can get pretty hot at this time of year, so be careful with Fido, and make sure he doesn’t overheat. Always bring plenty of water along for your four-legged friend, and keep him out of the midday heat. Also, never leave your pooch unattended in a car, even for just a few minutes.

Please reach out to us, your Chesapeake, VA vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to keeping your canine friend happy and healthy!

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