Top-Quality Guinea Pig Care

You’ve jumped headfirst into the world of pocket pet ownership, and your guinea pig Bucky is an ideal companion for the journey. Even though Bucky has only been with you for a few days, you’re already crazy about this non-aggressive little guy who doesn’t bite or scratch. Bucky is quite a social animal who soaks up every bit of attention you lavish on him. Since guinea pigs prefer to live in small groups, you’ve already planned to add one or more companions to Bucky’s spacious enclosure. You’ve also scheduled a visit with your Chesapeake veterinarian, who can give you some valuable tips on keeping Bucky healthy.

Guinea Pig Luxury Hotel

Bucky deserves the most roomy, comfortable enclosure possible. A well-ventilated metal, wire, or sturdy plastic cage fits the bill nicely. You don’t need to cover the cage since Bucky has no interest in escaping his comfortable den. Install an easy-maintenance solid floor so Bucky won’t injure his legs and feet; this floor also makes cage cleaning a breeze. Just like you, Bucky would prefer to stay in a hotel that offers fresh new bedding daily. He’ll hop right onto his soft, comfy bed made of shredded newspaper or recycled paper litter.

Since Bucky prefers privacy, place his enclosure in a quiet, low-traffic location. Bucky plans to play hard, and he needs to rejuvenate with some good sound sleep. Keep Bucky’s cage out of direct sunlight, as exposing him to high heat and humidity can lead to heat stroke. Since your home is climate controlled, you can consistently provide Bucky with comfortable 65 to 79-degree temperatures.

Gourmet Meal Service

Like other luxury hotel guests, Bucky deserves tasty, nutritionally balanced meals. While guinea pig pellets are a good foundation, your vet will likely recommend adding some vegetables and luscious leafy greens. Prevent Bucky from turning over his bowl by placing his food in a spic-and-span heavy ceramic bowl. Bucky also needs fresh, clean water each day, dispensed in a cage-mounted sipper bottle he can’t contaminate. Finally, Bucky might need some essential vitamins to round out his five-star diet.

Personal Training Program

While Bucky will be happy tooling around his roomy enclosure, he’ll also enjoy regular field trips. Take Bucky to a nice enclosed space with a wood, linoleum, or tiled floor for easy cleanup. Make sure Bucky’s exercise studio is free of baseboards, outlets, or wires he might see as chewing objects.

Keep Bucky healthy with annual visits to his Chesapeake veterinarian. A thorough physical exam, blood work, and fecal test alert your vet to developing problems, especially common dental disease. By keeping Bucky in good physical shape, he can enjoy a happier, healthier life with your family.

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