2-for-1 Microchipping Special

What would YOU do if YOUR Pet went MISSING?

Have you ever LOST, or even momentarily thought you LOST, your cherished pet? Panic sets in, your head starts to swirl, and as your world closes in on you, the only thought you can powerlessly muster is:
“OMG… what do I do now?”
Thankfully, that terrible sinking feeling can now be a thing of the past…thanks to the amazing technology of MICROCHIPPING! With one quick and painless trip to the veterinarian you’ll now always know exactly what to do when your pet goes astray!
And as HALLOWEEN approaches, with all the chaos, noise, and opening doors that it brings, we thought this was the PERFECT TIME to bring YOU a big dose of comfort and peace of mind….
So, take advantage of Western Branch Veterinary Hospital’s
October 2 FOR 1 Pet MICROCHIPPING Special!
  (a $67.99 savings)

How does it work? Just bring in ANY TWO PETS: Two of your own furry family members, or yourself and a FRIEND with their cherished pet. We’ll Microchip both but you pay for just 1
 Double the peace of mind…half the cost! 
This is YOUR chance to reserve one of these limited ‘2 for 1’ MICROCHIP SPECIALS. We can only offer a certain number of these special appointments (otherwise we’d get OVERWHELMED by the bookings!), so if your family is vulnerable make sure you call 757-483-1055 and ask for a tech appointment for microchipping as soon as you read this email.
And remember…losing a pet can happen to even the most cautious of us…so call us RIGHT NOW!
See you soon, and Happy ‘Howloween’ from…
The “Pet Crazy” Team at Western Branch Veterinary Hospital!
P.S. Just take a look at the graph below – the blue bar represents the “Lost Pets Returned” percentage WITHOUT a microchip, while the RED bar is the “Lost Pets Returned’ percentage WITH a microchip…and the difference is SHOCKING!As you can see, WITH a Microchip Dogs are 2 ½ times more likely to be returned if LOST, and an especially alarming statistic confirms that WITH a microchip cats are 20 times more likely to be returned if LOST (very scary to think of your whiskered loved one without one!)..Let’s make sure you are in the red column, and there’s no BooHoos…only ‘BOOs!’ …this Halloween! Give us a call at the front desk at 757-483-1055 as soon as you read this email and hopefully claim one of the remaining microchip spots!
Find the study source here:

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