Keeping Your Bunny Cool

Summer presents a few challenges for bunny owners. You’ll need to make sure your furry pal doesn’t eat any unsafe plants, and protect her from flystrike, parasites, and other dangers. Keeping Floppy cool is also very important. Rabbits can’t cool themselves off by sweating, as we can. They only have a few ways to regulate their temperatures. Those cute ears are key, as rabbits use their ears to regulate their temperature. Bunnies also cool themselves by stretching out against a cool surface. Panting can help, but isn’t as effective as it is with Fido.  A Chesapeake, VA vet offers some tips on helping your rabbit beat the heat.

Cage Location

Is Floppy’s cage in direct sunlight, or in one of the hotter rooms in the house? Relocate your little buddy to a different spot until the hot weather has passed. If that room doesn’t have AC, get an oscillating fan.


Brush your cute pet daily in hot weather. If you have a longhaired bunny, you may want to consider trimming Floppy’s fur. Ask your vet for specific advice on this.

Cool Hideout

Floppy should always have a cool, comfy spot to retreat to when it’s really hot out. Look for a large, square ceramic plant pot: they tend to stay quite cool. You can also keep ceramic tiles in the freezer, and put those in your cute pet’s cage for her to lay on. Another option is to freeze bottles of water and stack them around the cage.


Consider getting a few extra water bottles. Keep one in the freezer, and two in Floppy’s cage. Swap out a frozen one for a warm or empty one periodically throughout the day, so your furry friend always has cold water. You can also add ice cubes to her water.

Warning Signs

Keep a close eye out for signs of heat exhaustion. Rapid breathing is often the first thing you’ll notice. Other things to watch for include red ears, lethargy, rapid breathing, panting, drooling, and a wet nose. If you notice any of these, your furry buddy is already dangerously hot. Give her some cool water, move her to a cool area. You can also dampen her ears: that will help bring her temperature down. Then, contact your vet for further instructions.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your Chesapeake, VA pet hospital, today! 

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