5 Reasons Not To Let Your Cat Hunt

Is your feline buddy a hunter? Fluffy may love indulging her inner lion, but this is one instinct that it’s best to curb. A Chesapeake, VA vet lists some reasons why in this article. 




As you may know, we always recommend that kitties be kept inside. Fluffy is simply much safer as an indoor pet! Not only do our feline pals face some very serious dangers in the Great Outdoors, they also can endanger other animals … particularly the small critters they typically hunt. 




Any close contact with wild animals puts your tiny little lion at high risk for parasites, such as toxoplasmosis, roundworm, and hookworm. Wild animals also carry many germs and diseases, many of which can infect people. 




Fluffy is a pretty good hunter, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t at risk of getting injured. Your pet could get bit or scratched. Eye injuries, broken limbs, or even more serious injuries. 


Protecting Wildlife


Climate change and habitat loss are putting many habitats and species at risk. Our furry friends kill billions of small animals each year. That’s putting quite a dent in already-threatened populations. 


World’s Worst Gifts 


We can’t really blame our feline friends for looking proud of themselves when they drop their latest victims on our doorsteps. After all, Fluffy’s hunting ability is the reason we befriended her in the first place! That was a win-win situation. We got adorable helpers to protect our grain and food stores, and kitties got room, board, shelter, and food. (And, later, beds, toys, and catnip.) That said, Fluffy apparently never got the memo that most people don’t really want dead animals for presents.




That all said, it’s important to realize that hunting instincts are innate in kitties. Never punish your cat for hunting. She won’t understand that she did something wrong! Instead of trying to stop Fluffy from hunting, get her to focus on catnip mice rather than real ones. Take time to play with your furry pal every day. Use toys that you control, to make it more challenging and realistic for her. If you do let your furball go outside, put a bell around her collar. That way, birds and chipmunks can at least hear her coming. 


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