Keeping Your Kitten Safe

Have you recently adopted a new kitten? Congratulations! Baby cats are super cute, and are a ton of fun to have around. However, they are also a bit accident prone. Little Fluffy is also quite fragile, and can easily be injured. You’ll have to take a few steps to keep your curious ball of fur safe, sound, and out of trouble. A Chesapeake, VA vet offers some kitten care tips below.


Little Fluffy is incredibly playful. This is because she is born with the instincts of lions and tigers. In fact, kitties share about 95 of their DNA with tigers. Your tiny feline will instinctively want to work on her pouncing, biting, and slashing skills. She’ll also want to figure out exactly what she can and can’t play with. That’s a purrfect recipe for trouble! Remove anything that isn’t safe. That includes any small or sharp items, such as jewelry pieces, buttons, beads, paper clips, thumb tacks, rubber bands, and pen caps, to name a few. Anything ropy or stringy should also be kept out of paws’ reach, as should plastic bags and wrappers and anything that could be toxic. Ask your vet for specific advice. 


We know, training cats sounds like a bit of an oxymoron: they usually train us. (Actually, Fluffy has the majority of her humans firmly wrapped around her paws, but that’s another topic.) You probably won’t be able to teach your pint-sized pal to fetch your slippers, but you can train her to stay off cabinets and counters. This can prevent her from injuries from slips and falls or burns from hot stoves. 

Keep Kitty In

One of the best things you can do for little Fluffy’s health and well-being is to simply keep her indoors. There are just too many threats out there for an adventurous furball! Cars, weather, predators, and parasites all endanger your cute pet.

Watch Little Fluffy’s Whereabouts

Little Fluffy is also at risk of being sat or stepped on. While your feline friend is young and small, she won’t make a very big lump under a blanket or cushion. Kittens can fit into some pretty tight areas. They also love finding warm, cozy places to sleep. Keep close tabs on your pint-sized pal!

Please contact us with questions about your kitten’s health or care. As your Chesapeake, VA animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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