Guinea Pig Breeds

Did you know that Guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets out there? A recent study shows these adorable little pets often ranking as third favorite, behind Fluffy and Fido, of course. There’s a good reason for that: Guinea pigs are cute, charming, gentle, and don’t need much space. Actually, there may be more kinds of Guinea pigs than you realized. There isn’t exactly a unanimous consensus on how many Guinea pig breeds there are. The American Cavy Breeders Association recognizes 13, while the British Cavy Council lists 40. A Chesapeake, VA vet discusses Guinea pig breeds in this article.


This cute little furball is probably the most popular cavy breed. They have short fur, so they have minimal grooming needs. They’re also known for being super friendly and cuddly!


Speaking of friendly, the Silkie Guinea pig is also known for being extremely sociable. Also called the Sheltie, this cavy has a hair pattern that grows away from its face. They’re also quite calm, which makes them a good choice for kids.


The Crested (or White Crested) Guinea pig is another short haired cavy, and looks a lot like the American Guinea pig. However, they have a cute rosette or crest on top of their heads. (Did we mention that they’re adorable?)


Do you prefer fluffy pets? If so, you may fall for the Peruvian Guinea pig. These frisky, curious furballs have very long hair! You will need to keep up with your tiny pal’s beauty care regimen, though, as that long hair will get matted and tangled without regular care.


This little piggy borrowed his name from our feline friends: the Himalayan Guinea pig, much like the Himalayan cat breed, has the same coloring as a Siamese cat, though with red eyes. The Himalayan is quite docile and friendly, but they need a bit more TLC than some of the other breeds.


This adorable guy is certainly aptly named. These cavies look like tiny teddy bears. They have fuzzy fur, which comes in two types, harsh and plush.


Did you know that some Guinea pigs wear curls? The Texel is certainly unique looking! However, they need a lot of grooming, and are best matched with experienced owners.

Please contact us, your Chesapeake, VA animal clinic, with questions or concerns about Guinea pig care. We’re here to help!

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