Leash Training a Guinea Pig

Do you have a Guinea pig? If so, you’ve got a pretty adorable little buddy. These cute furballs are much smarter than many people realize. They can learn simple tricks, and can even be taught to walk on a leash. However, leash training a cavy isn’t quite the same as leash training a dog. A Chesapeake, VA vet offers some tips on this below.


First things first: you’ll need to get a good harness. Never use a collar on a Guinea pig. Look for something that is made specifically for small pets. You might be able to use one that’s made for a very small dog.


Let your furry friend get used to his leash or harness by wearing it inside. At first, just keep it on him for a few minutes at a time. As he gets most used to it, you can start leaving it on for longer. Then, start using the leash indoors.

Have Realistic Expectations

So, you’ve successfully taught your pint-sized pal to walk on a leash. Now what? Don’t expect your miniature furball to jump up and down, wanting to go to a park. Even daily strolls may be a bit much. Take him on the occasional excursion to a safe, grassy area, and let him sniff around a bit. 

Play It Safe

You can’t guide a Guinea pig like you can a dog. Your fuzzy pal will pretty much go where he wants to go. Stick to safe areas! If you have a fenced yard, let just him explore that. 

Be Watchful

Keep a close eye on your tiny adventurer. Never leave your cavy unattended outside! He could get tangled up, or worse, attract the attention of another animal.


Guinea pigs enjoy many types of fresh produce. However, not everything is safe for them. For instance, daffodils are very toxic to these little guys. Plus, things that would normally be safe are dangerous if they’ve been treated with chemicals. Don’t let your cute pet use your yard as a salad bar! Ask your vet for more information.

Don’t Force It

Guinea pigs all have their own unique personalities. Some are just more outgoing than others. If your pint-sized friend doesn’t seem comfortable on a leash, don’t force the matter.

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