Thanksgiving With Fluffy

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Cats are definitely something to be thankful for! Our feline pals are absolutely adorable, and have a way of keeping us smiling with their cute antics. They’re also lovable and cuddly, and really help make our houses into homes. However, you will want to take precautions to keep your furball happy, healthy, and purring through the autumn holiday. Read on as a local North Suffolk, VA vet offers some tips on spending Thanksgiving with cats.


Your feline friend is a part of the family, and she definitely deserves a special treat. Fluffy can have a bit of that yummy turkey. Just be sure to only give her plain, cooked meat, without the bones, skin, or fat. Your furball may also enjoy a can of plain tuna in water; some sodium free broth; shredded deli meat; or even a bit of hamburger or steak. Keep in mind that many human foods are toxic to pets. Avoid giving your kitty anything that contains garlic, onion, scallions, or chives; alcohol; chocolate; nuts; or xylitol. Dairy products, such as milk, are also a poor choice, though you can get some cat milk for your pet. Also on the no-no list are meat on the bone and raw foods.


Some kitties are very friendly, and will spend the holiday making friends and getting petted as much as possible. Others will bolt for their favorite hiding spots as soon as the doorbell rings, and basically spend the day hiding. If your furry friend falls into the latter category, set her up in a back bedroom with bedding, food, toys, treats, and a litterbox, and let her sleep through the festivities. (Of course, if you have people put their coats in that room, there’s a good chance that you’ll find Fluffy snoozing on somebody’s jacket.)


Many people are allergic to cats. If any of your guests have allergies, you’ll want to take a few extra steps to make your home comfortable for them. Thorough vacuuming and dusting is a must. We recommend changing your air filters as well. You may also want to set out boxes of tissues, and perhaps some OTC allergy meds.

Happy Thanksgiving! Please reach out to us, your local North Suffolk, VA vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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