Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Vet

August 22nd is a very important kitty holiday, though it may not be Fluffy’s favorite. It’s Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! While our feline pals are quite independent, they do need proper veterinary care to stay healthy. Here, a North Suffolk, VA vet discusses taking Fluffy to the vet.

Keep Up With Recommended Care

While your furball would no doubt rather take a nap than visit us, coming to see us is very important! It’s always much easier—and cheaper—to protect our furry friends from illnesses than to treat them for them. Keep up with Fluffy’s recommended care. We strongly advise that kitties be microchipped and spayed or neutered as kittens. It’s also important to stay current with your cat’s vaccinations, parasite control, and exams.

Emergency Care

In between visits, watch for signs of illness, such as poor grooming, hiding, vomiting, or diarrhea. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything wrong. Kitties often try to mask signs of illness, so you may not even realize anything is amiss until your furball is quite ill!


If Fluffy only sees her carrier before she comes to visit us, she may very well hightail it for her favorite hiding spot the moment she spots it. Make the carrier a bit more appealing to her by leaving it out between appointments, and putting soft bedding and toys in it.

Car Ride

Car rides are definitely not one of Fluffy’s favorite things. In fact, they rank somewhere between loud noises and baths, which are likely both near the bottom of the list. Make the trip a little easier for your kitty by keeping windows cracked, so she always has fresh air. You can also turn a radio on: the music may soothe Fluffy … or at least give her something to meow along to. Last but not least, try to avoid bumpy roads and sudden stops or starts.

Kitty Calming Products

Does your feline pal get extremely anxious on car rides? Ask your vet about using cat-calming products, like treats and sprays. These can help keep nervous kitties quiet.

Purr Activation

Once you get your furball home again, offer her a new toy or a special treat to get her motor going.

Is your cat due for an exam, vaccinations, or parasite control? Call us, your North Suffolk, VA pet clinic, today!

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