Dealing With Pet Odors in Your Home

Along with many years of happiness and companionship, pets can occasionally bring with them a bit of a smell—it’s not difficult for pet odors to start permeating our homes after a while. If your home is beginning to smell a little too much like your animal friend, try these tips from a North Suffolk, VA vet to get things fresh again.

Pet Grooming

Your pet is the source of the odor, so why not start there? You’ll be surprised at what regular grooming can do to keep your pet and your home smelling fresh and clean. Brushing your pet doesn’t just trap loose fur in the brush itself—preventing it from falling all over your home—it spreads essential skin oils through the coat to moisturize it naturally, reducing shedding at the outset. Bathing is another good idea; always use a canine- or feline-formulated shampoo, and don’t overdo bathing as it can dry out the skin.

Odor Neutralizers

Have you been using air fresheners around your home in an attempt to deal with pet odors? Air fresheners simply mask smells, allowing them to return over time. Odor neutralizer products, though, combat odors at their root! Ask your veterinarian to recommend odor-control products, stain removers, and disinfectants made specifically to combat pet smells.

Clean the Hotspots

There are a few odor hotspots to be aware of if you own a pet. For cat owners, the litterbox is an obvious one; scoop it out daily and change the litter once a week to keep things smelling fresh. Dogs and cats alike tend to spend a lot of time on their beds and blankets—be sure to wash these items regularly to get rid of smelly grime.

Space Restrictions

Some pets simply have a stronger scent than other animals. If your pet is one of these, some simple space restrictions may be an effective way to help keep your home smelling its best. Train your pet to stay on one floor of the home, or restrict them from getting onto furniture. This way, it’s much easier for you to focus on one area that you have to keep clean and fresh.

See Your Vet

Is your pet’s odor pungent? Have they seemingly started to smell out of nowhere? Visit your vet—infection, parasites, and other health concerns might be to blame!

Call your North Suffolk, VA animal hospital to make an appointment.

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