Cold Treats for Dogs

Summer is just around the corner! As the weather warms up, many of us are looking forward to those hot summer afternoons. It’s always great to cool off with a frozen treat on a sweltering day. Don’t forget about Fido! In this article, a North Suffolk, VA vet lists some treats you can make and freeze for your dog.

Doggy Ice Cream

This one is bound to get that tail going! Mix plain yogurt with peanut butter, pureed pumpkin, or sodium-free broth. Then, add bananas, wheat germ oil, organic baby food, gravy, shredded meat, cheese, or bacon bits. You can also add some pet-safe fruits, such as apple slices (no seeds), blueberries, or strawberries.

Slice of Heaven

Pick up a roll of precooked sausage, lamb, hamburger, or chicken. Slice into small pieces, and freeze, Or, just freeze a roll of gourmet dog food. Instant tail wags!

Burger Bits

Cook some hamburger or ground turkey. Add water or broth to thin it out. Then, add shredded cheese and/or bacon bites. Freeze in small portions, and dole them out when you want to give Fido a special treat.

Peanut Butter Yums

This one is super easy! Combine natural peanut butter with ripe bananas, and freeze in paper cups. Voila!


Pour some sodium-free beef or chicken broth into waxed paper cups or an ice cube tray. You can offer these to your furry buddy plain, but you can also add different flavors by putting in dog biscuits, pieces of kibble, shredded meat, hot dog pieces, or cheese.

Chicken Bits

Pour some sodium-free chicken broth into an ice cube tray. For flavor, you can add apple slices, shredded chicken or meat, cooked peas, bacon bits, and/or shredded cheese.

Other Options

Another easy option is to buy a precooked roll of lamb or some gourmet dog food. Keep it in the freezer, and slice off a piece to give your pup a tasty treat.


You’ll find lots more great options online. Just be sure to use only ingredients that are safe for Fido. Some foods to avoid include garlic, onion, and chives; avocados; grapes, currants, and raisins; pitted fruits; chocolate; nuts; raw dough, yeast, or meat; and bones. Xylitol is also dangerous. It is found in many processed foods, so be sure to check labels!

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