Camping With Dogs

Are you going camping this summer? Dogs can make great camping buddies! After all, Fido loves to explore and visit new places. Just be sure to always put your pet’s health and safety first. A Chesapeake, VA vet discusses camping with dogs in this article.

Doctor’s Note

Camping isn’t necessarily going to be fun for all dogs. Before you head out, check with your vet, and make sure Fido gets the green light. If not, call us to book him a room at our doggy hotel.


Make sure that your canine buddy is up-to-date on parasite control products and important vaccines, such as rabies. Proper ID is also very important. If your dog hasn’t been microchipped yet, we recommend getting this done ASAP. Fido should be wearing current ID tags as well. Keep copies of your pet’s paperwork with you at all times.


Don’t forget to pack for the pooch! Your furry pal will need toys, treats, food, bedding, and raingear. If you’re going boating, bring a doggy lifejacket. Fido will also need bedding, unless you plan to let him sleep in your tent. We also recommend bringing waste baggies and a doggy first aid kit along.


Before bringing your canine friend into the great outdoors, make sure he knows and obeys important commands like Sit, Stay, Come, and Heel. This can help you stop your pup from running off, or approaching a dangerous wild animal.


Don’t let your dog drink from unknown water sources, like ponds, lakes, and streams. The water could be contaminated, and your pet could get sick! Bring or boil water for Fido, or treat it with water-purification products.

Tick Check

Check your four-legged pal thoroughly for ticks every day. Look in his ears, under his collar, and between his furry little toes.

Campfire Dangers

Don’t let Fido get too close to the campfire: he could singe his fur. You also want to be careful in the morning: dogs can easily burn their paws by walking on hot coals. Be careful not to let your pooch get any barbeque skewers or bones, as these are very dangerous for Man’s Best Friend.


Be sure to pick up after your furry friend! Leave only paw prints, and take only memories.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Chesapeake, VA animal clinic, anytime.

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