Allergies in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can have allergies, just like people can? Fido can develop allergies at any stage of his life, and to many different things. Allergies are no more fun for our canine pals than they are for us! Read on as a local Chesapeake, VA vet discusses allergies in dogs.

Common Allergies

Man’s Best Friend can be allergic to many of the same things that people can be allergic to. Some common ones are dust, mold, pollen, dander, fleabites, and plants. Fido may also react to certain fumes, such as cigarette smoke or aerosols, or to ingredients in his food or doggy shampoo. Some dogs are allergic to specific materials, such as carpet fibers.


Red, runny eyes are a common sign of allergies in dogs. Other symptoms can include sneezing; snoring; itchy or irritated skin; stubborn ear infections; vomiting and/or diarrhea; burping; snoring; and flatulence. Fido may bite or chew himself to get to an itchy spot, or could rub his head against things to try and reach that stubborn itch on his furry face. Occasionally, dogs have more severe reactions, including fainting, seizure, coma, and even death. Fortunately, however, these cases are quite rare.


Allergies cannot be cured, but they can be treated. If you know or suspect that your pup has allergies, bring him to the vet for a proper diagnosis. Once your vet has determined exactly what is making your canine buddy react, you’ll be able to discuss specific treatment options. Fido may need medication, or he could be put on a special diet. The exact treatment needed will depend on the type and severity of your furry pal’s allergies.

Home Care

There are some things you can do at home to keep your four-legged friend more comfortable. Vacuum and dust frequently, and always change your air filters on time. During peak pollen times, keep Fido indoors as much as possible, and wipe his paws and belly down with a damp cloth daily to remove pollen and dust. Wash your pet’s bedding regularly, using hot water and unscented detergent. When bathing your pooch, use hypoallergenic doggy shampoo. You may also need to get a certain brand of pet food. Ask your vet for more specific instructions.

Do you suspect that your dog may have allergies? We are happy to help! Please contact us, your Chesapeake, VA animal clinic, anytime.

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