Springtime Safety Tips for Cats and Dogs

Finally, spring is in the air! Like any season, there are a few potential pet hazards to be aware of this time of year. Learn more here from your vet in Chesapeake, VA.

Pest Prevention

Spring is prime time for outdoor pests to come out of the woodwork and latch on to our pets. Make sure your animal friend is wearing seasonal or year-round pest preventatives against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and parasitic worms. This way, you’ll avoid any hazardous infestations or infections before they can begin. Talk to your vet if your pet needs these preventative measures.

Dealing with Allergies

Did you know that your pet can suffer from allergies just like you can? If you’ve noticed your pet scratching, sneezing, or sniffling a lot more than usual this spring, allergies to pollen, dirt, dust, dander, or other common allergens may be to blame. Contact your veterinarian to get your pet the medications he or she will need.

Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers

Do you use pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and the like on your lawn or garden to ward off pests and promote growth? Be sure to keep your pet indoors when you’re spraying chemicals, and don’t let your animal companion come into contact with grass or plant life that’s been recently treated. Also be sure to store these products carefully; you don’t want your pet ripping open a bag and getting at the material inside.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Is spring cleaning a tradition in your household? Remember that various products residing in your supply closet—household disinfectants, solvents, floor cleaner, wood polish, air freshener, and much more—can prove harmful to pets who manage to swallow them. Some pets may be able to easily chew through a plastic bottle cap, so keep your supply closet safely closed when not using the products inside.

Windowsill Safety

Many pets like to lounge by open windows to soak up springtime’s warmer breezes and sun rays. Oblige your pet, just make sure that each window in your home has a sturdy screen installed. Every year, veterinarians see an increase in fall-related injuries during the spring. This is because pets (even usually graceful cats) can slip out of open windows and injure themselves. Shorter falls are even more dangerous, because pets don’t have time to right themselves before impact.

Talk to your Chesapeake, VA veterinary professional for even more helpful springtime safety tips for your pet.

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