Car Safety Tips for Dogs

Do you like to bring your dog out and about with you? Are you going on a vacation or road trip with your canine buddy soon? There are some very important things to keep in mind when riding around with your furry friend. Before taking Fido on any car rides, you’ll want to read these safety tips from a North Suffolk, VA veterinarian.

Crate Training

We know, Fido loves to stick his head out the window and drink the wild air. This can be very dangerous, however, as your pet could get dust or insects in his eyes! Plus, without proper restraint, your pooch might accidentally jar the driver, or step on the power window controls. Keeping your canine buddy crated on car rides is much safer. Be sure to choose a crate that has been crash tested, and add blankets and toys to make it comfy for your furry friend.

Long Distance

Are you bringing Fido on a road trip? Before you leave, make sure your canine pal is microchipped, and is wearing current ID tags. Don’t forget to pack a doggy travel kit. The kit should contain Fido’s vaccination records; food, treats, and dishes; a waste scoop and baggies; and a pet first-aid kit. Because drinking strange water can give your furry pal an upset tummy, you’ll also want to bring along several gallons of water from home. Before you hit the road, take Fido on a nice long walk, to burn off any excess energy. Once you’re on your way, stop every few hours to let Fido relieve himself and stretch his legs a bit.


Dogs can get carsick, just like people. If your furry pal gets queasy on car rides, start by taking him on a series of short drives, so he can get used to riding in cars. We recommend keeping a window cracked while traveling, to allow for better airflow. You’ll also want to avoid bringing your pooch on car rides just after he’s eaten.


Never, ever, leave your dog unattended in a car, especially in hot or cold weather. Temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach dangerous levels in just a few minutes! If Fido isn’t allowed inside at your destination, he’s much better off at home.

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