Help Your Overweight Cat to Slim Down

Your pampered cat Lucy has always been a well-fed feline. This spoiled-rotten feline family member has always enjoyed her food and snacks. Good thing she always burned up the calories by playing with cat toys and chasing your dog Buster down the hall. Recently, though, Lucy’s stomach has begun to look considerably more rounded. You don’t want your little diva’s extra pounds to increase her risks for weight-related medical problems. That’s why you’re taking your pudgy girl to your veterinarian Chesapeake for some nutritional counseling. Learn more about cats’ creeping weight problems.

Overweight Cat Epidemic

Lucy has plenty of company, as thousands of pet cats nationwide are overweight (and some are actually obese). These bulked-up cats have eaten too much food for their lower activity levels. In fact, roughly 40 to 50 percent of these couch potato cats have piled on too many pounds. This extra weight makes them (and Lucy) prone to osteoarthritis and soft-tissue injuries. She might also experience overstressed muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Feline Carnivore Nutrition

Lucy’s a carnivore at heart, so she’d rather eat mice and birds than canned or bagged cat food. Since capturing live food isn’t realistic, you might think a commercially available blend is a good choice. However, most mass-produced cat foods can’t meet Lucy’s quality protein requirements. These foods often use plant proteins; and she just can’t metabolize them as well as animal-sourced proteins.

Lucy also lacks enzymes that assist in metabolizing extra carbohydrates. As a result, her body stashes those additional carbs as fat. Lucy’s cat treats also contribute to her weight problem. The snacks are packed with empty calories, flavor enhancers, and carbs that make her hungrier.

Essential Health Check

Before designing Lucy’s weight management program, your vet wants to rule out physical ailments and/or metabolic problems that might inhibit your cat from safely dropping weight. That’s why he’ll give your girl a complete medical exam, including blood work and a urinalysis.

Concentrated Weight Management Program

After seeing Lucy’s test results, your veterinarian Chesapeake will create a customized weight management program for your cat. The vet might prescribe a specialty weight-loss blend; and he might recommend a highly structured feeding program for your ravenous feline.

To maximize Lucy’s weight loss chances, give her lots of daily playtime, along with several interesting cat toys. If you’d like expert assistance in reversing your cat’s weight gain, contact your vet for an appointment.

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